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Discover your own intellect

Jess Li has tutored students from elementary to high school in academic subjects across the board, as well as standardized tests (Regents, AP's, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, TACHS, etc.) and college and career admissions.

As a teacher, Jess always works from a place of affirmation to build self-confidence and motivation in her students, so they can develop independence and an organic passion for learning and achievement. As a result, her students have seen consistent and often dramatic leaps in academic and test-taking performance.

She offers sessions both online and in-person in Westchester and surrounding areas, and looks forward to the chance to work with your child!

Jess Li is the most incredible tutor I have ever had. She is an educator that focuses on the way her students learn and the specific needs of each student. I was the kind of kid who could not sit still with tutors and often stopped seeing them, bored, after two sessions. Studying alone for the ACT was a mess for me, and I just couldn’t do it. Not only was Jess patient with me, but she also kept me engaged and taught me so much. It is evident that Jess cares for her students, as she pushes them to grow in a way that I have not seen any other educator execute. The best part? Nurturing works. My ACT Math score went up 5 points and my ACT Science score went up 6 points. Those are the sections we worked on together, and she singlehandedly brought me to the point where I went from jaded to confident that I could ace them.
— Sanjana Bhatnagar (Scarsdale, NY)

The first time I talked to Jess, I was in a very frantic state; without prior experience and connections, I was about to face the consulting recruiting season with a high chance of failure. But Jess carries this magic power along with her that can lift you up, no matter how deep you think you’ve sunk. Through my sessions with her, I drastically improved my casework, and was able to craft a resume and cover letter that landed me an interview at virtually all the firms I applied to. She has the insights to make my answers stand out, and the personality to make the calls very fun. Most importantly, I became confident in myself walking into my interviews. Without Jess’s help, I really don’t think I could be in this great position that I am now in — thank you!
— Fong Chai (University of Chicago)

Jess is a natural teacher. She is conscientious and passionate about teaching. She has a knack for connecting with her students and is very good at drawing out the inchoate interest from her students. On top of tutoring the relevant subject matter, Jess also helps build her students’ self-confidence with constant encouragement and positive reassurance. My girls love Jess. They would like to have Jess as long as they can! I have no doubt Jess is going to be the most sought-after tutor in the region soon!
— Julie Wang (New Canaan, CT)

Turning a rough draft into a marble piece of work requires a massive amount of vocabulary and dedication. As an international student, I stumbled through writing a well-crafted paper. I felt immediately inspired after discussing my thoughts and ideas behind my paper with Jess. She was able to offer me smooth transitions between arguments, and startling words that fully express my thoughts! Thanks to Jess, my paper has been polished to a new level.
— Erica Xu (Kimball Union Academy)

I started working with Jess a few weeks before interviews began. I had read Case and Point as well as Case Interview Secrets prior to working with Jess but did not feel they were getting me to the place I needed to be to secure a consulting job. Jess worked with me on both behavioral and case prep a few times a week, which helped to both enhance my interview skills as well as my confidence. She is smart, personable, and professional and helped me secure a job at my top choice firm, Bain & Company, for next year!!! I HIGHLY recommend working with Jess. Can’t thank her enough!
— Julia Mark (Duke University)

Jess is amazingly knowledgeable and helpful at any stage of the consulting application process. She helped me not only tailor my resume and cover letters towards consulting companies, but also get up to speed on consulting interviews in less than 2 weeks. Her specific, personalized feedback not only allowed me to obtain interviews at companies including Bain, McKinsey, and PwC, but also score final round interviews.
— Undergraduate (Stanford University)